Once dubbed the “Happiest Town in America,” San Luis Obispo is truly a remarkable little town. Having grown up here, it took living away from SLO to really appreciate the beauty, the small town vibe, and the people that make it so wonderful. I moved back after I finished college and really love calling this place my home.

If you haven’t heard about San Luis Obispo, it is a town nestled between San Francisco and Los Angeles and features mountain peaks, green valleys, a historic mission, an amazing college, Cal Poly, and a super cute downtown that is always buzzing on the weekends. About ten minutes from SLO is Morro Bay, perfect for kayaking and fresh fish, and then fifteen minutes south of SLO is Arroyo Grande, where Honeycomb Home Design is headquartered, and home to its own charming “village.”

When my friend, food and drink journalist, Jaime Lewis, said she was creating a wallpaper featuring all of SLO’s hallmarks, I was so excited to see what it was going to look like! She teamed up with illustrator, Anna Takahashi, to create “SLO Toile” and feature hallmarks, important people and places of San Luis Obispo.

Even better – ALL proceeds of “SLO Toile” will benefit children’s art education in San Luis Obispo. How cool is that?

Now for a look at the four colorways and designs!

How cute is that?!

And yes, that’s Weird Al Yankovic! He graduated from Cal Poly SLO!

The pattern features: Phyllis Madonna, Rick Martel, Dr. Rene Bravo, Damon Castillo, Paul Kwong, Jerry Reiss, Sara and Jon Peterson, Maxine Lewis, Jordan Hasay, Heidi Harmon, Dorn Pyramid, Ah Louis Store, jennifer Street Bridge, Mission Plaza, High Street Deli, Sunny Acres Orphanage, Firestone Tri Tip Sandwich, The Holiday House, and Madonna Inn Cake!

Some of my favorite features are the Sunset Drive In, Bishop’s Peak, and of course, Julia Morgan, the famous Architect that was responsible for designing Hearst Castle!


Another fun Easter Egg: Jaime loves old Al Hirschfield cartoons, where he hid his daughter’s name in the drawings, so Anna put her kids’ names in, too. Look at the water in the Mission image, and the sidewalk on the Jennifer Street Bridge image.

To purchase your very own bit of SLO, click here.

Thank you to Jaime and Anna for such a wonderful tribute to our beautiful little town!