When redesigning your space it can sometimes feel overwhelming when you try to narrow down a specific feel for your home, especially when there’s so much to choose from these days! It can help to pick a consistent accent color for your fixtures, hardware, etc. which can help you decide what looks like it belongs in your space and what doesn’t. We’ve collected some of our favorite brass accents because we can’t get enough of the luxurious golden feel it gives!

Fave #1

The stunning details on the Marrakesh wine rack is what caught our eye with this fave! Add a bit of Moroccan glamour to your kitchen with this beautiful brass piece which is sure to make a statement in your home.

Fave #2

We love shelf knick knacks that are both cute and functional and that’s exactly what this plant mister is! We can totally envision this on a floating shelf in your kitchen aside your favorite succulents or even on the counter next to the herbs you’re growing for all those home cooked meals!



Fave #3

Is it honestly even a surprise that we love this honeycomb wall shelf? With the delicate and sleek gold finish we think this would bee a great addition to any room! We can especially see it in a bathroom with some of your favorite skincare products, some cascading greenery, and the plant mister from above. Honestly, we love it so much we might need one for Honeycomb Headquarters!

Fave #4

You’d be shocked at how easy it can be to make your bathroom feel like an entirely new space! With this brushed brass bathroom accessory set from Lowe’s you can give your bathroom a whole new look and it sounds like a fun Saturday project to us!


Fave #5

Another easy, but transformational way to update the feel of your bathroom is changing out the sconce above your vanity! We found this adorable one with brass accents that is sure to dramatically upgrade the look of your space.