Have you ever wanted to walk through a Designer Showhouse? Well, now you are in luck!

Introducing the World’s First Ever Luxury Virtual Designer Showhouse!

What is a Virtual Luxury Designer Showhouse? Well, let me tell you, it is even more exciting than it sounds!

Traditionally, showhouses are throughout the U.S. and are homes that feature different designers designing parts of the home as a display of their portfolio. It’s a really fun event because they open it to the public and allow them to walk around and really marvel at their work!

Well, we’re about to change the way that you’re used to seeing showhouses…

2020 has been the year of changing and adapting. No one has done that better than Seasonal Living Magazine, because they have created the World’s First Ever Virtual Luxury Designer Showhouse! This showhouse features rooms designed by 11 nationally recognized designers featuring 15 inaugural brand sponsors! This is truly a unique experience as it is the first time you can walk through a space using Augmented Reality, shop the space using live links so you can purchase directly from the Showhouse!

The showhouse is the brainchild of Gary Pettitt, the publisher of Seasonal Living Magazine. He wanted a way to flip the script on the traditional showhouse idea and wanted a way to embrace technology as we navigate this new normal of a world we’re in!

Gary teamed up with Leslie Carothers, CEO of Savour Partnership and The Kaleidoscope Partnership, and Jenna Gaidusek, CEO of eDesign Tribe, whose rendering team of Annilee Waterman and Sarah Durnez brought this vision to life.

Gary designed a stunningly modern 20,000 square foot home nestled among 20 acres in the hills of Malibu, CA. Although this home lives entirely in the virtual world, it is certainly not without real world detail.

Along with the design of the home, Gary brought life to the clients that would live in this home; who they are, how they live, etc. so it would provide context to the Designers as we got to work.

The major focus of this home is sustainability and wellness. It’s a very timely theme, as we are all looking for ways to inject sustainability into our everyday lives. Wellness has been a “hot” word for a while, and it is finally getting its spotlight!

I was so excited when Leslie asked if I would design the Kitchen and the Solarium. Without a question, I said YES! We have really embraced the Virtual Reality world as you know, so this was another way to showcase that technology. When she told me who else was doing the show house, my inner fangirl was freaking out! I really respect and admire all of these Designers, and am so grateful to be a part of this with them! Many of them I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in person!

Here are the other 10 designers and the rooms they are designing:


Kitchen + Solarium – Ariana Afshar Lovato – Honeycomb Home Design

Living Room – Carla Aston – Find out more about Carla here >

Zoom Room – Robin Baron

Family Room / School Room – Arianne Bellizaire – Find out more about Arianne here >

Principle master Suite 2nd floor – Jeanne Kho Chung – Find out more about Jeanne here >

Home Office / Guest bedroom – Gloribel Le Bron – Find out more about Gloribel here >

Laundry Room / Decontamination Room – Rachel Moriarty – Find out more about Rachel here >

Outdoor spaces – Laura Muller – Find out more about Laura here >

Dining Room – Veronica Solomon – Find out more about Veronica here >

Sanctuary Room – Erica Ward – Find out more about Erica here >

Ocean View Lounge – Michelle Jennings-Wiebe – Find out more about Michelle here>

The showhouse would not be complete without Sponsors! These 15 amazing sponsors saw the vision that Gary and Leslie have created. It truly takes an innovative person to understand the capabilities of this Virtual Reality experience!

Here are the amazing sponsors!


A global, family-owned company that produces and distributes high value innovative surfaces for architecture and design. You’ll see Dekton by Cosentino products in our kitchen and solarium!


A devoted to creating a one-stop-shop for the interior design trade through our brands – Fabricut, Trend, Stroheim, S. Harris, Vervain, and Clarence House.

The Howard Elliott Collection

One of the premiere manufacturers of Decorative Mirrors & Accessories in the Home Furnishing industry.


Beginning in 1997 with a vision to produce a unique collection of home accessories and accent pieces that had never been seen before, they have continued to pursue that vision for 25 years.


A socially conscious luxury brand, Jaipur Living produces the most beautiful rugs and textiles in the most ethical of ways. Our mission is to create beautiful lives for our employees and customers.


The Minka Group® has grown to become a leader in the decorative lighting and ceiling fan industry. As a company, we pride ourselves on the quality and workmanship of each and every fixture we produce.


A multi-award-winning upholstery specialist known for its leadership in lean manufacturing principles used to produce sustainable and custom bench-made furnishings in Los Angeles, CA


Their designs are inspired from architecture, fashion and nature, aesthetically relating to both traditional and contemporary interiors.


An expertly curated floor sourcing platform founded by lifelong industry veterans. Its proprietary algorithm ensures only the right product is chosen for each space.


Robin Baron is a fashion-forward home furnishings brand all about providing the best products, designs, tips and services.


Focused to design-oriented clientele sourcing fresh, innovative and unique in-outdoor furnishings with a special emphasis on exceptional hand-craftsmanship in a wide variety of material palettes.


Supporting designers with color & coatings expertise. With our expert personalized service, breadth of products, & exclusive resources, we help guide your project each step of the way.


True to Food! Building a luxury kitchen appliance brand from the ground up puts us in a rare and enviable position. We deliver performance, design & precision, to show respect for food at every level.


Stressless has a long history in challenging the conventional way of making furniture. The result is a perfect combination of functionality and Scandinavian design with unsurpassed scientific comfort.


Explore Home. Universal Furniture creates quality furnishings for the whole home with a focus on function and lifestyle.

So how can you witness a bit of history?

You can register for FREE using this link below for the Live Event that will be broadcasted by the amazingly talented LuAnn Nigara, host of the famed podcast, A Well Designed Business.


To up the ante even more, Seasonal Living Magazine has created a signature cocktail to enjoy the night of the premiere, called #MarbleOverSilk!

You won’t want to miss this LIVE event. So bring your cocktail attire, your #MarbleOverSilk drink and join me and thousands of others on December 3rd, 2020!

Our home was originally built in the 60s and had already been through a remodel in the 80s. It had good bones but they were hard to see under the later revisions. Ariana’s team went straight to the elements that needed to be preserved and highlighted them. The kitchen/dining room has been opened up amazingly and we’re very happy with it. In addition to the design efforts, we really value the 3-D renderings. It makes it much easier to talk with tradespeople about what we want to be done and how, and prevents miscommunications. Five stars for the Honeycomb team!


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