Kitchen and living room remodels really are the best! When you’re able to re-design the most important space of your home, you’re able to truly transform the way that you live in your space.

Enter the Sandydale remodel. I started working with these sweet clients back in early 2019. They were working with a small living room and a small family room divided by a super small kitchen. They love to cook and being a family of four, this kitchen was much too small for them as is.

We knew we had to do something pretty drastic to expand their kitchen and give them not only more room, but more functionality for their space.

Check out the Before Photos:

You can see that the living room had an old wood burning fireplace and a funky half wall that divided the entryway from the rest of the room.

The kitchen was an awkward U-shape in the middle of the room, and then the family room had only one access outside and was one of the largest rooms in the house. It was actually an add-on from the previous owners and had some weird beams that hung down from the ceiling that made it LOOK like an add-on. It used to be part of a patio space.

The last image shows the guest bath! Can you say time for an upgrade?!?

Here’s the As-Built Floorplan:

Here’s where we got creative. We wanted to move the kitchen out of the middle of these two rooms. Our thought was to move the kitchen towards the front of the house, where the fireplace is currently. The clients were open to moving the fireplace sooo…

Here is our Proposed Plan:

You can see how we shifted the kitchen towards the front of the house, added a walk-in pantry and then created a large living room with a wood burning fireplace. This floorplan allowed the clients to have a much better flow and use of the space. Plus, they gained storage space, a full pantry, and a more functional gathering space to hang out and watch TV. It was also important to have two access points outside in the living room, so we placed the sliders opposite each other.

We also designed a fireplace surround that offered storage as well as a proper surround for their wood burning fireplace and a TV!

Our Rendering:

We also carved out little spaces for additional storage, like a command center where the kids can do their homework and an entry cabinet to provide storage for coats, backpacks, and shoes.

Ready to see the AFTER???

Can you tell where the old fireplace used to be??

We also did some pretty cool custom stuff in this kitchen with Honeycomb Cabinetry, like this Kitchen-Aid lift cabinet!

And for the bathroom!

To see the full reveal, check out our Portfolio page (link Sandydale Remodel to this page)

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Our home was originally built in the 60s and had already been through a remodel in the 80s. It had good bones but they were hard to see under the later revisions. Ariana’s team went straight to the elements that needed to be preserved and highlighted them. The kitchen/dining room has been opened up amazingly and we’re very happy with it. In addition to the design efforts, we really value the 3-D renderings. It makes it much easier to talk with tradespeople about what we want to be done and how, and prevents miscommunications. Five stars for the Honeycomb team!


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