From ideation to completion, Honeycomb Home Design is here to ensure your project comes to life! Anyone who has completed a remodel before knows how arduous the process can be. Luckily, we’ve been through it and have developed a process to make it as easy as possible. 

We start every project with a 15 minute introductory phone call. This is where we talk about your project, time frame, budget and answer any questions you may have. We also explain our process and how we work. If we feel like we’re a good fit for your project, we will schedule an in-home consultation. To schedule your introductory phone call, click here

The in-home consultation is where we get even more clarity on your project, meet you and any other decision makers and really get a sense of the space. These consultations are paid in advance of the meeting and are around 60 minutes. To learn more about the in-home consultations, click here

After the consultation, we create a formal fee proposal for you that will outline the scope of work, our deliverables, time frame, and our fees to do so. Once a deposit and letter of agreement are fulfilled, our design process begins!

Honeycomb Home Design - Process

  • Client intake + Project kick off 
    • Site measure 
  • Conceptual Design Boards 
    • These are our conceptual mood boards or “vibe checks” that we send over to clients via email to ensure we’re on the same page as far as design aesthetic. 
  • Initial Plan Review + Selections Preview 
    • Meeting at HHD office to review the initial floor plans and a sneak peek of selections 
  • Proposed Plan Review + Selections Presentation  
    • Meeting at HHD office to review material selections and updated floor plans, mood boards and 3D Renderings 
  • Revisions (if needed) and a final meeting at HHD to review all final plans and final selections 
  • Final design deliverables 
    • Updated plans, updated mood boards, finish schedule with all project specifications in a personalized Dropbox folder 
  • Site Visits and design check in 
  • Project photos!
  • Happy Clients 🙂 

The first step in our design process is reviewing our project information, determining your project team, and obtaining any floor plans or site information. We also review any inspiration you have given us. 

We’ll then prepare a conceptual vision board or our “vibe check” for your project based on your inspiration and vision. These will be the north star for your project as we move onto material selections, so it is super important to nail these! 

The next step in our process is sharing our initial conceptual floor plans and renderings. These include very detailed plans, elevations and 3D renderings that convey our design intent for your remodel. We even get into the nitty gritty on cabinetry design and layout so this is a super fun phase of the process because it starts to get real!

After this meeting, we’ll be working on your actual material specifications (i.e. flooring, countertops, paint, lighting etc).   We source materials through local and trade vendors that we’ve built great relationships with over the years.  This is where the magic really happens – and where we start to bring your renderings to life! 

When we’re ready to present the material selections, you’ll come back into our office to the big reveal! We’ll have a table filled with very curated selections just for your project. We’ll also have updated floor plans and renderings to share with you.

After this meeting, if there are any re-selections, we’ll work to get those to as soon as possible so we can get your project finalized and wrapped up for you.

The final deliverable will include a finish schedule that has documentation of all finish materials for you and where to purchase them from. This will also include an updated floor plan, renderings and updated mood boards. 

After the design process is complete, our team can be available for questions or on site as needed. We want to make sure that your vision comes to life and we’re here for you every step of the way!