Our client had asked us to design a space for her to work from home comfortably, but since it’s the first room as you enter the house, she wanted it to also be a statement piece.We started with the inspiration of a bookcase with asymmetrical shelves. We played around with several iterations, making sure the balance of height and scale was right. We also wanted to make sure there was functional storage for her printer and files, so we incorporated file cabinets and roll outs for those items.

The entire unit is floating off of the floor about 12” which gives it an airy feel. We added lighting as well, to highlight some of her signature pieces of art and decorative objects.

Her desk was a custom piece by a local woodworking company. The desk features red oak wine barrel staves with shelving for decorative accessories. 

Closing off the room was a challenge because of the restricted width of the hallway. We were able to provide her with some privacy by installing custom bypass doors with a linen “trapped” effect between the panes of glass.

We are particularly proud of this project as it was awarded by the Woodworking Network in 2019 as Best Home Office Design.