Commercial Design Services

Commercial Design Services

Honeycomb Home Design not only provides turnkey residential services but also has the expertise and background to design your commercial office space, bar, restaurant, boutique hotel or any commercial space that requires a creative and organized approach to interior design.

Here are the phases in which we start your commercial project:

  • Discovery (or intro process)
    • This is our chance to learn about your company and your brand. We want to know your mission, values, branding guidelines, workflow, and business needs so we can translate this into an interior space that reflects your corporate identity.
  • Conceptual and Schematic Design
    • Once we have your approval, we take the information we learned from the discovery process and begin our conceptual design process. This is where we create floor plans, interior elevations and renderings to convey our design intent.
  • Finish Selections
    • Our team will select all of the colors, materials and finishes that convey the design concept and meet your company’s functional, safety and aesthetic requirements.
  • Construction Documentation
    • Our team will create drawings which include floor plans, elevations, details, finishes, specifications, power and communication locations, reflected ceiling plans, lighting design and furniture layouts.
  • Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E)
    • We will create an FF&E package for review that includes drawings, product descriptions, and specifications sheets. Once approved, our team will create documentation to facilitate vendor/manufacturer pricing and procure products specified.

Honeycomb Gives Back

Honeycomb Gives Back is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit registered in the State of California.

This initiative began in 2019 when owner and principal designer of Honeycomb Home Design, Ariana Lovato, designed and coordinated a full room makeover for her client’s son with cerebral palsy. (Check out the reveal photos here). 

Through donated labor and design and community and industry-raised funds, Honeycomb Gives Back was able to give a local family bedroom makeovers for their children. Through new furniture, window treatments, and personal touches Luke and Grace had a whole new space to call their own!

Overwhelmed with the support, Honeycomb has decided to continue the Gives Back initiative for additional local families. In 2023 Honeycomb Gives Back is collaborating with industry volunteers to give the Perez family bedroom makeovers for their daughters.

Honeycomb Gives Back met the Perez Family through Jack’s Helping Hand, a local non-profit that provides assistance to families with special needs and cancer. The design team at Honeycomb is so excited to start collaborating and bring the Perez family’s vision to life!

Perez Family Story

In 2019 Cassy suffered a stroke in 2019 and was diagnosed with an incurable brain disease called Moyamoya. Gabby was a full-time student at the time, and her husband was the only one working. This was a tough time for their family, and Sergio had to miss work to be by their side for appointments, surgeries, and hospital stays.

The lack of income caused their bills to add up, and they struggled financially. During Cassy’s one-month hospital stay, they met many people going through the same situation, and that’s when a friend mentioned Jack’s Helping Hand to Gabby.

She began the process of being part of this organization. They supported the Perez family during these difficult times and assisted with much of the financial burden of an unexpected illness.

For Gabby’s senior year of college, she completed her internship at Jack’s Helping Hand. After Gabby graduated, she spent several years volunteering with the organization, and now she is an interpreter to support Spanish-speaking families.

She is very grateful not only to receive support and assistance from Jack’s Helping Hand and Honeycomb Gives Back, but also to be able to help others in need through her own work.

Honeycomb had the privilege of visiting the Perez family at their home and getting to know their daughters, Cassy and Zuhaily.

Get to know them…



  • Pink and Orange and Sparkles
  • Doing her makeup and nails
  • Phone cases; Collects them from everywhere she goes!
  • Playing soccer with her sister, Zuhaily

Favorite Color:

  • Pink 

Design Ideas / Needs:

  • Makeup vanity to get ready in the morning
  • Wallpaper to bring in her favorite colors
  • Space to display phone cases and frames for her pictures
  • New window treatments
  • New nightstand lamps and bedding
  • Installing can lights to bring in more light
  • New closet doors and shelving in closet for clothing



  • Unicorns
  • Doing her makeup and nails
  • Bows & Purses
  • To read & play soccer with her sister, Cassy

Favorite Color:

  • Pink 

Design Ideas / Needs:

  • Nightstand and lamp to read in bed
  • Reading nook / corner
  • Purse storage solution and / or display
  • New bed frame and bedding
  • New window treatments
  • Installing can lights to bring in more light
  • New closet doors

How you can join Honeycomb in giving back

We are looking to raise enough funds to cover new furniture, wall coverings, paint, fixtures, lighting, window coverings, etc. We are also in need of qualified professionals to donate their time installing new recessed can lighting as well as painting.

Donate now to give back to a great cause and a wonderful family:


If you’d like to donate materials or time toward this initiative, please or call (805) 704-6204

Paint Consultations

If we had a nickel for everytime someone asked us for our favorite paint color, we’d be sitting pretty!

In all seriousness, paint can be a tricky art to master.  

We’ve done the homework and made the mistakes. Now, we’re here to share that knowledge with you. 

We are now offering Paint Consultations with Ariana Lovato, who is a certified True Color Expert through Maria Killam’s course.  

What does this look like? 

Ariana will come to your home with her color boards and identify the undertones in your space to find the perfect color for you.

This 90 minute consultation will provide you with the proper color, sheen, and color codes you need to complete your paint project.

Our paint consultations are $350 for a 90 minute session. 

Contact us today to get the process started!


Interior Design Project Manager


We are seeking to hire a seasoned Project Manager to join our team! Do you have construction or design experience? Are you super organized, detail oriented, and not afraid of a challenge? Well, we are looking for YOU! 

Responsibilities would include:

  • Determine and define project scope and objectives
  • Predict resources needed to reach objectives and manage resources in an effective and efficient manner
  • Work directly with our Design team and Design Director to ensure a smooth client experience and manage client expectations
  • Prepare design budget based on scope of work 
  • Interacting with clients and tradespeople as needed 
  • Conduct site visits with Design team to ensure designs are being implemented properly 
  • Develop and manage a detailed project schedule and work plan
  • Provide project updates on a consistent basis to our clients about their job progress 
  • Manage contracts with vendors and suppliers by assigning tasks and communicating expected deliverables
  • Utilize industry best practices, techniques, and standards throughout entire project execution
  • Monitor progress and make adjustments as needed
  • Measure project performance to identify areas for improvement


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, business, or a related field is preferred
  • 3-5 years of project management experience
  • 3-5 years of construction or design experience
  • Project Management Professional (PMP) certification preferred
  • Proven ability to solve problems creatively
  • Strong familiarity with project management software tools, methodologies, and best practices
  • Experience seeing projects through the full life cycle
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills and extremely resourceful
  • Proven ability to complete projects according to outlined scope, budget, and timeline

Compensation depends on experience and ability. Company benefits include medical insurance, sick pay, paid holidays, flexible work schedule and a badass design team 🙂 

If this is YOU, please email us your resume at: 

Cabinetry Sales Specialist


We’re looking for a motivated, knowledgeable, friendly, cabinetry sales expert to join our design team.

This position will be mainly focused on creating custom designs for customers using 2020 software, assisting customers in viewing cabinetry samples or displays, identify sales leads, develop relationships with vendors and clients and oversee the entire cabinetry sales process.

Responsibilities would include:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of cabinetry and cabinetry systems
  • Meeting with clients and contractors to discuss their cabinetry projects
  • Site measuring for cabinetry and ensuring drawings are accurate based on site conditions
  • Pricing cabinetry 
  • Layout and design of cabinetry based on client’s needs
  • Working with the Design team to ensure cabinetry is in order with our proposed designs 
  • Coordinating with our installers and delivery team 
  • Overseeing installation 
  • Interacting with clients and tradespeople as needed 
  • Conduct site visits with Design team to ensure designs are being implemented properly 
  • Develop and manage a detailed project schedule and work plan
  • Provide project updates on a consistent basis to our clients about their job progress
  • Monitor progress and make adjustments as neededMeasure project performance to identify areas for improvement


  • A certification in Kitchen/Bath Design is ideal 
  • A degree in Interior Design is preferred 
  • 3-5 years of construction experience is preferred
  • 3-5 years of cabinetry design experience
  • Proven ability to solve problems creatively
  • Must be proficient in 2020 cabinetry software or similar 
  • Experience seeing projects through the full life cycle
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills and extremely resourceful
  • Proven ability to complete projects according to outlined scope, budget, and timeline

Compensation depends on experience and ability. Company benefits include medical insurance, sick pay, paid holidays, commission opportunities, flexible work schedule and a badass design team 🙂 

If this is YOU, please email us your resume at: 

Honey Cabinetry

Honey Cabinetry

Honeycomb Home Design is proud to offer Honeycomb Cabinetry: a beautiful solution to your semi-custom or custom cabinetry needs.

With a variety of door styles, finishes and accessories, we have what you’ll need to create your Dream Hive!

Here’s a bit about our cabinetry lines:

  • We have different cabinetry lines based on your budget and preferences
  • Our Semi-Custom and Custom cabinetry lines are made in North America (Vancouver and Minnesota)
  • All materials are CARB II Compliant
  • 99% of wood waste is ground up and recycled for use as livestock bedding and wood pellets.
  • Cabinetry will come factory finished, overseen by a multi-step finishing process. They will come assembled and fully packaged to your job site.
  • All drawers have full extension, undermount soft close drawer glides, and all doors have European door hinges.  There are different options for interior drawer finishes as well.

Our cabinetry specialists bring years of experience and education to the forefront of every cabinetry project we create. We also ensure our cabinetry layouts are in accordance with the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) standards.

We also offer licensed cabinetry installers with every project, or if you have your own installation team, we will create a step-by-step installation guide for you to follow.

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation in our office and see what Honeycomb Cabinetry is all about!

Get Inspired by our Gallery featuring Honeycomb Cabinetry:

Certified Living in Place Professional Services

Certified Living in Place Professional Services

CLIPP™ C00739

Owner and Principal Designer, Ariana Lovato, is a Certified Living in Place Professional, as of December, 2020. This certification is awarded by The Living in Place Institute.

The Living in Place Institute creates a worldwide network of professionals working together to make all homes healthy, safe, comfortable, for everyone through professional education and awareness events.

Earning this certification was very important to her because Living in Place goes beyond universal design or aging in place.

Through this certification, she has learned the importance of designing a home in a way that will only enhance the end user’s functionality of any given space.

From knowing the different types of lighting needed for those from ages 20-60, to knowing different types of materials that are best for those with various disabilities, and in general, how to make a space easy and comfortable to use.

With more and more people choosing to stay in their homes longer, the importance of designing homes in a safe, stylish and functional way is bigger now than ever before!

What does this mean for you?

As a CLIPP™ graduate, Ariana Lovato can provide you with an assessment for your home. This assessment will help you determine ways to update your home to make it safer for you. There are certain things you can do now, 6 months from now, or way in the future, and all of this is prepared for you in a report after our meeting.

The in-home assessment usually takes about 90 minutes to complete. The fee for the assessment is $500.

Contact us today to set up an appointment for your in-home assessment and make your home a safer place.

Interior Design Consultation

Interior Design Consultation

Our Interior Design Consultation is the way we start every project at HHD.

It’s our way of getting to know you and your space. It’s also our way of determining how we can best help you design your dream hive.

What you can expect during our Interior Design Consultation:

We start with a tour of your entire home and discuss the needs and goals for each room. You can expect recommendations for improving each area as we walk through as it’s very much a working design brainstorm. (DISCLAIMER: We do not bring our magic wand and can’t fix everything in one visit, let alone on the fly!)
During the tour, we will also be identifying the areas of your home that you want to address first (The priority areas). We will then sit down to formulate a plan for improving the priority areas. It’s recommended that you take notes as we’ll be discussing lots of things during this 60 minute session.

Some of the areas that are typically covered during the consultation are:

· Laying out a road map for your new construction or remodel project and the necessary steps to take
· Help with defining a comfortable budget
· Material suggestions
· Help determine the process for remodeling or new construction.

We also recommend making a list of questions and/or areas of concern and have those ready for our meeting. If you have any inspiration images, feel free to share those with us too!
Please note that the consultation does not include any physical design work such as re-arranging furniture, floor plans or styling etc.

The consultation fee is $250 and is due at the time of booking your appointment. This is credited to your design proposal should we move forward into full service design. After this meeting, we will email you the design fee proposal and get our process started!

The introductory phone call is required to book your Interior Design Consultation.

Kitchen and Bath Design

Kitchens and Baths are our jam.

Those spaces really are the workhorses of your home. They get the most wear and tear, and have to be super functional since you are using them several times a day.

Being that they are so important and all the parts involved are critical, they are also usually the most expensive parts of your home to remodel.

Remodeling + Expensive = can be a scary combination…But you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve spent countless hours learning, studying, implementing, managing and overseeing many kitchen and bath remodeling projects.

We’ve continued our education in Kitchen and Bath design specifically, because there are so many details and codes to understand when designing these spaces. In addition to our formal design education, we have also earned a cabinetry specialist certification and an associate Kitchen and Bath Designer certification by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA).

In other words, we’ve put the time in and are fully prepared to create a functional, beautiful, cohesive space for you and your family.

In addition to providing design services, we are also excited to show you our two cabinetry lines! We are dealers for two amazing vendors, Dura Supreme Cabinetry and Nickels Cabinetry. They are both great products that are sustainably made, durable, beautiful, and made in North America (Dura Supreme is out of Minnesota and Nickels is based out of Vancouver, BC.) We have two beautiful displays in our office, so come on by!

If you use our cabinetry for your project, we will help manage and oversee our role as the cabinetry supplier on your project. We would be working closely with your contractor for this process.

We also credit $1500 design fee towards the purchase of cabinetry! Woohoo!



Here are our offerings within Kitchen and Bath Design:

1 – Interior Design Consultation: Like all of our services, we start with an Interior Design Consultation, which is where we meet you at your home, get a sense for your space and what you’re looking for.  After this meeting, we will send you a proposal for our design time based on the scope of your project. Once that is signed and a deposit is collected, we move to step 2.

1a – Kitchen and Bath Design Checklist: We get down to the nitty gritty about your preferences, what you are looking to store, how you use your space, appliances, plumbing fixtures, family size, budget, material preferences etc.  The questionnaire is very specific to your project.

1b – Kitchen and Bath Budget Worksheet: The B word is not super fun, BUT we’ll make it fun! In order for us to do the best job possible, we need to be on the same page regarding the budget. We’ll review our worksheet with you as part of the consultation process.

2 – Inspiration Analysis: Let’s review those Pinterest boards and Houzz links! Not super tech-y? Cutouts from magazines are totally fine. This is really a chance for us to see what you love and how we can bring that to life given your space.

3 – Site Measure and Verification:  We bring out the big guns (AKA our laser measuring tapes) and get to work.  We may also need to meet with a contractor or structural engineer during this time in case we are moving walls and need to verify anything load bearing.

4 – Design Phase: Once we have our measurements and we have our parameters, we can get to work!

5 – Design Meeting: Once we are complete with our design drawings, we will schedule a meeting to review. Our design drawings include a 2D plan and layout, elevations with key notes, and 3 high resolution renderings. A 360 degree Virtual Reality Rendering is available at an additional cost.

6 – Design Samples: Depending on the scope of work, we will bring applicable samples to our design meeting. These may include: countertop samples, cabinetry, cabinetry hardware, finish samples etc.

6a – We will also select paint, window treatments, bath hardware, plumbing fixtures, and lighting if all applicable.

7 – Revisions and Final Package: Once we have made any changes and documented your selections, we bundle it all up for you and place it into a Dropbox folder for easy access for you and your Contractor.

8 – Cabinetry: If you are using our cabinetry lines, we will help manage the procurement and installation of our cabinetry. You’ll be working closely with our cabinetry specialist to ensure a smooth process!

9 – Design Check In: Once you are in the process of remodeling or building and come across any questions, ask us! If you would like to have us involved during construction, you can purchase 5 or 10 hour time blocks to do so.

Kitchen and Bath design services start at $3000 and vary depending on your needs.

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary phone consultation!

The best money spent was hiring Honeycomb. The kitchen and bath remodel exceeded our expectations. Her input, patience and knowledge were truly invaluable.

— Mark and JoLynn

Virtual Consultation

Let’s do this together.

The Honeycomb Virtual Consultation is perfect for those who are DIY driven and are open to have a brainstorming session where we provide plenty of insights and ideas to help you get started on your project.

How this goes.

We ask that you make a list of your questions to start with and establish your main priority areas. The virtual consultation is 60 minutes, so we will want to cover as much ground as possible.
Once you submit your request to book the consultation, we will contact you with an email link for payment. Once the consultation is paid, we will ask you to send us your priority list and photos of your home ahead of time.

The virtual consultation is done via Zoom (we will send you a link) and we can record it for you to reference later as well!

Please note this does not include any design drawings or documents.

You will receive:

  • An email summary of our consultation with action items and bullet points
  • Any applicable links or photos to accompany specific things we discussed

The virtual consultation is perfect for you IF:

  • You are looking for general advice on remodeling and remodeling process
  • You are needing an expert opinion on how to update your space
  • You are looking for guidance on different materials
  • You are looking for help determining your budget and timeline
  • You are looking for advice on the layout of your space
  • You are a DIY-er and are very hands on

If you are looking for more design expertise after the virtual consultation, we can discuss a longer term partnership with you based on needs.

The virtual consultation was the kick start we were looking for! Ariana was very helpful In her assessment of our space and provided us with some great ideas that we would never have thought of. I would definitely recommend it to anyone needing some expert advice!

— Ciera M., Virtual Consultation Client

Let's get started.

Follow the link below to fill out our questionnaire and submit your order request for our virtual consultation.


Interior Design

Full Service Interior Design

Remodeling or building a new home? Overwhelmed? Not sure where to start?

You’ve come to the right place.

We offer full service Interior Design Services so we can take your project from ideation to completion.

What is “full service design?” Well, in short, it is a turnkey experience. From our first meeting, to the minute you walk into your new home, we’re there every step of the way.

Our dedicated team walks you through every step of the process by ensuring we are on time, on budget and providing you with the best resources for your project.  We’re honored to be a part of such a special place – your home – and we treat your project with the utmost respect and care!

We use the latest technologies and innovations to make the process as smooth as possible. Virtual Reality Renderings are a huge part of our process! See it in action here.

We also work closely with your builder to ensure a positive team experience. After all, it takes a village!

Our thorough process is created to ensure we fully see your vision as well as anticipate any roadblocks that may happen due to your project’s scenario in construction, deliveries, material selection, and budget management.

We take it a step further and offer full service furnishings and decor services. We select, specify and procure all of the items for you…and then the best part: Install day! From art to area rugs and throw pillows, we pull together the entire vision for you.

Learn about our process here.

The Heart of the Home

Whether a remodel or new construction, the kitchen and bath are the cornerstones to an enjoyable and rejuvenating interior in your home. We like to consider the kitchen the “heart” of the home as it is the central gathering place for entertaining and gathering.

With these cornerstones come great detail and logistics to take into account as you remodel. It can easily become an overwhelming experience especially if we are remodeling other spaces of your home at the same time. That’s where we come in.

As an Accredited Kitchen and Bath Designer, we have specialized training in codes, standards and guidelines that the National Kitchen and Bath Association endorses. These practices in tandem with our refined process and expertise create a harmonious blend of efficient timelines and thoughtful custom design.

If you’re looking specifically for Kitchen and Bath Design, visit our page here.

Our thorough process is created to ensure we fully see your vision as well as anticipate any roadblocks that may happen due to your project’s scenario in construction, deliveries, material selection, and budget management.
Learn about our process

Our Services include:

  • Kitchen and Bath Remodels
  • Virtual Consultations
  • New Construction
  • Whole House Remodels
  • Interior Selections and Specifications
  • 3D VR Renderings
  • Paint Consultations
  • Spec Home Projects and much more.

If you’re needing more DIY help, check out our virtual consultation page here.