Certified Living in Place Professional ServicesCLIPP™ C00739

Owner and Principal Designer, Ariana Lovato, is a Certified Living in Place Professional, as of December, 2020. This certification is awarded by The Living in Place Institute.

The Living in Place Institute creates a worldwide network of professionals working together to make all homes healthy, safe, comfortable, for everyone through professional education and awareness events.

Earning this certification was very important to her because Living in Place goes beyond universal design or aging in place.

Through this certification, she has learned the importance of designing a home in a way that will only enhance the end user’s functionality of any given space.

From knowing the different types of lighting needed for those from ages 20-60, to knowing different types of materials that are best for those with various disabilities, and in general, how to make a space easy and comfortable to use.

With more and more people choosing to stay in their homes longer, the importance of designing homes in a safe, stylish and functional way is bigger now than ever before!

What does this mean for you?

As a CLIPP™ graduate, Ariana Lovato can provide you with an assessment for your home. This assessment will help you determine ways to update your home to make it safer for you. There are certain things you can do now, 6 months from now, or way in the future, and all of this is prepared for you in a report after our meeting.

The in-home assessment usually takes about 90 minutes to complete. The fee for the assessment is $500.

Contact us today to set up an appointment for your in-home assessment and make your home a safer place.