A few things come to mind when we hear the words Art Deco; think Great Gatsby, flapper girls, and New York City to give you an idea! However, it is much more than flashy parties and shiny geometric shapes. It represents a surgance of optimism in technology and an antitraditionalist statement of wealth and luxury!


Art Deco was a movement in architecture and the arts that was very popular in the 1920s and 1930s that was first exhibited at an artists’ world fair in Paris in 1925. Although it was popular in design and architecture, it influenced jewelry, furniture, fashion, cars, and even everyday objects as well. At the height of its influence it was a symbol of luxury, wealth, and glamour and alluded to a celebration of the modern machine with its geometric shapes and sleek designs!

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The rise of Art Deco came alongside the influx of new skyscrapers in America. The Chrysler Building in 1928 is actually one of Art Deco’s most iconic examples and is instantly recognizable with its stylized sunrays and stainless steel exterior. The Art Deco style is continued throughout the interior of the building and it is simply stunning! Although Art Deco was popular all over the world a lot of buildings can be seen in the United States including the iconic Empire State Building and Rockefeller Plaza!


What it looks like back then and now

In today’s world Art Deco can still be found and you can have it be as subtle or as loud as you want! From brass elements, grainy wood furniture, and geometric designs to black and gold wallpaper, rugs, and backsplashes there are a number of ways to incorporate Art Deco into your home today! Here are a few of our favorite ways to add a bit of 1920s luxury to your home!


All That Jazz Wallpaper

We love the idea of an accent wall to add some interest to your space and are loving the art deco vibes of this removable and reusable wall paper from Walls Need Love! It not only looks amazing but uses child-safe inks, is moisture-resistant and washable, and removes easily without damaging paint so we think it’s a no brainer!


Modern Tufted Chair

Incorporating Art Deco into your home can be as easy as picking a luxurious accent chair and we think this one could be the one! With the luxurious velvet tufts and the sleek brass accents, this chair has glam written all over it.

Not about flashy gold, sleek blacks, and over the top patterns? This cabinet is a bit more subtle but definitely still hints to the Art Deco era with its golden geometric designs inlayed in this rich wooden piece that could elevate any room.


Adelaide Mirror

Another subtle yet classic nod to the Art Deco Era is this gorgeous mirror. With the symmetrical design and lavish feel it could look beautiful in your home no matter what style!


Handcrafted Globe Chandeliers

We love the idea of having a statement light fixture and found some stunning chandeliers that are an amazing take on the Art Deco era! We can totally see these over a clawfoot tub in a master bath, above your dining room table, or even lighting up your kitchen island. Upgrading your light fixtures is a fast and easy way to completely uplevel any space and why not make a statement too?  

Our home was originally built in the 60s and had already been through a remodel in the 80s. It had good bones but they were hard to see under the later revisions. Ariana’s team went straight to the elements that needed to be preserved and highlighted them. The kitchen/dining room has been opened up amazingly and we’re very happy with it. In addition to the design efforts, we really value the 3-D renderings. It makes it much easier to talk with tradespeople about what we want to be done and how, and prevents miscommunications. Five stars for the Honeycomb team!


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