Baby Lovato Nursery

How I transformed a “builder-basic” room into our baby’s nursery:

This past year has been an exciting whirlwind of events… starting with becoming pregnant with our first child!

It’s been an incredible experience so far and I am extremely excited to bring our little guy into the world.

I had really never designed a nursery before but knew I wanted a space that was going to be relaxing and calming, since it was going to be my second home pretty soon!

Here’s the Before:

I pretty much had a blank shell to work with. The room is fairly small, 11’x11’, but that didn’t mean we couldn’t pack a punch with the design!

When thinking about a “theme” for the room, I didn’t want to do anything that I would get tired of easily, because (believe it or not) designing my own home has always been a challenge… I love too many different things!!! I also wanted it to be gender neutral in case we ever wanted to have another child (but let’s be real - I will probably want to remodel it before then LOL!)

What really set off the total vibe was my love affair with this particular wall mural from Rebel Walls:

I just loved the pattern and all of the colors. I looked around a bit more but kept coming back to this pattern.

Soooo…. The creative juices began to flow!

With the wall mural as the main focal point, I wanted to add some drama to the room without taking away from it… so, I paid attention to the “5th wall” AKA the ceiling and wanted to panel it!

This step was a messy one, but so worth it. We first had to sand all of the walls and the ceiling since the mural required a smooth wall and so did the paneling. You wouldn’t want to see any of that yucky orange peel drywall texture peeking through. Then, we got the paneling on the ceiling. Already feeling a lot better in there!

But I wanted to level it up. So, we painted the ceiling Sherwin Williams - Roycroft Bottle Green. It is one my favorite greens! Such a beautiful, deep and rich color.

The room is starting to transform...

Next comes the wall mural and the transformation truly begins:

I know what you’re wondering… OK what about the furniture?!? Here’s our selections!

I did some research on nursery furniture and found a great vendor, DucDuc out of NYC. I not only loved the aesthetic of their products, I also loved that they used 100% baltic birch, TSCA Title VI compliant wood, made in the USA, water based finishes and non toxic glue. Plus, it was SUPER easy to assemble. The crib and the changing table are from them.

The other item that was super important to me was the glider! I wanted one that had a power recliner as well. I found the Babyletto Kiwi Glider and was hooked! It is super comfortable and I love the power recline feature.

Here are links to all of the products listed in the moodboards:



Changing Table:

Ceiling Flush mount:

Window Coverings:




End Table:

Table Lamp:

And of course, we had to do a rendering to show the final concept as well!!

Are you ready to see the full reveal?

Sandydale Remodel: Before and After!

Kitchen and living room remodels really are the best! When you’re able to re-design the most important space of your home, you’re able to truly transform the way that you live in your space.

Enter the Sandydale remodel. I started working with these sweet clients back in early 2019. They were working with a small living room and a small family room divided by a super small kitchen. They love to cook and being a family of four, this kitchen was much too small for them as is.

We knew we had to do something pretty drastic to expand their kitchen and give them not only more room, but more functionality for their space.

Check out the Before Photos:

You can see that the living room had an old wood burning fireplace and a funky half wall that divided the entryway from the rest of the room.

The kitchen was an awkward U-shape in the middle of the room, and then the family room had only one access outside and was one of the largest rooms in the house. It was actually an add-on from the previous owners and had some weird beams that hung down from the ceiling that made it LOOK like an add-on. It used to be part of a patio space.

The last image shows the guest bath! Can you say time for an upgrade?!?

Here’s the As-Built Floorplan:

Here’s where we got creative. We wanted to move the kitchen out of the middle of these two rooms. Our thought was to move the kitchen towards the front of the house, where the fireplace is currently. The clients were open to moving the fireplace sooo…

Here is our Proposed Plan:

You can see how we shifted the kitchen towards the front of the house, added a walk-in pantry and then created a large living room with a wood burning fireplace. This floorplan allowed the clients to have a much better flow and use of the space. Plus, they gained storage space, a full pantry, and a more functional gathering space to hang out and watch TV. It was also important to have two access points outside in the living room, so we placed the sliders opposite each other.

We also designed a fireplace surround that offered storage as well as a proper surround for their wood burning fireplace and a TV!

Our Rendering:

We also carved out little spaces for additional storage, like a command center where the kids can do their homework and an entry cabinet to provide storage for coats, backpacks, and shoes.

Ready to see the AFTER???

Can you tell where the old fireplace used to be??

We also did some pretty cool custom stuff in this kitchen with Honeycomb Cabinetry, like this Kitchen-Aid lift cabinet!

And for the bathroom!

To see the full reveal, check out our Portfolio page (link Sandydale Remodel to this page)

What do you think about the Sandydale Remodel? Send us a note!



Kings Way Remodel

Are you ready for a FUN “Before and After”???

This home is located in Morro Bay, CA and overlooks the beautiful bay and our Morro Rock. Our sweet clients had purchased this home back in 2019 because they saw the potential this home had… BUT it needed A LOT of work!

Here are some Before photos…

What do you think?? Lots of pink! In fact, when we removed the flooring, there was “Grandma’s Pink Castle” scrawled on the subfloor! There also apparently was pink carpet throughout the house, but the previous sellers had replaced those before selling to our clients.

OK, now our part. The clients brought us in before they had a Builder, and wanted to get a game plan together. They lived in Southern California and were relying on Honeycomb Home Design to pull together a team of professionals to bring their project to life.

We got to work on the layout. We really wanted to open up the kitchen since it was pretty closed off to the adjacent spaces. We really wanted to remove the whole wall where the fridge was located… But we met with our Structural Engineer and discovered that there is a structural post in that wall that is actually helping hold up the second story. Yikes!

Soooo… we got creative and came up with a bookshelf that was open to both sides. This way we were still able to open up the kitchen and not lose any structural integrity.

We also wanted to open up the staircase to bring in more natural light and make that stairway not feel so “cave-like”.

The Primary bath also needed some work too - but for the most part, we kept the layout and made some tweaks to make the room feel larger.

Once the layouts were approved, we got to work on our selections. Our clients really wanted a classic, transitional home with some delicate touches. We decided to do a beautiful wainscot paneling throughout the home that carried the theme from the fireplace and the stairway.

Once the finishes were approved, we got to work with our Contractors, Robertson Builders. They brought their A-Team and really created our client’s vision! We ordered materials, signed off on cabinetry drawings and got started on the construction process.

With the project ending at the beginning of COVID, we did have some challenges with product delays as well as project delays. We all worked together to complete the project just in time for our clients to move from Southern California to Morro Bay and hunker down for quarantine.

We are super pleased with the end result and are even more excited for our clients. They really enjoyed the entire process and we are so grateful to have worked with them.

Take a peek at the final result! (P.S. this home features Honeycomb Cabinetry!)

Let us know what you think!


Templeton Hills Kitchen Remodel

Who loves a good Before and After?! Everyone does!

We started working with these clients last Fall to design a much more functional kitchen for them. It started with wanting to update their existing kitchen and just replacing cabinetry, countertops, etc.


If there’s a way to improve a kitchen, you better believe we’re going to tell you about it! Our design team specializes in Kitchen and Bath design, so you could say we are a little “passionate” about exploring options!

Sometimes, it’s easy to replace what you have but when you are spending a good chunk of change on a project like a kitchen remodel, it is worth it to consider all options first.

So, here is where we started with Option 1 (which we opted out of for reasons I’ll explain below)

The existing floor plan had some issues that we wanted to iron out. First of all, our clients were not using the space next to the kitchen as their dining room (shown otherwise on these real estate pics).

They were using this space as an awkward dining nook and then had another space in the living room for their actual dining room table.

It felt like a waste of valuable space!

Existing Floor Plan:

So, we worked up our plan options to include that awkward nook space as part of the kitchen. Why not, right?!

Option 1:

This plan includes lots of movement! As you can see, we moved the range to the other side of the kitchen and eliminated a window. This plan has some pros and cons:


  • Larger kitchen
  • Walk in pantry
  • Lots of countertop prep space
  • Lots of storage


  • Loss of light by removing the nook window
  • Closes off access to the family room
  • Maybe toooo much space
  • Higher construction cost

Option 2 is the plan we went with for lots of reasons! But you’ll see this plan has a lot more pros than cons.

Existing plan:

You’ll see this plan has Pro’s:

  • Expands the kitchen for plenty of countertop and prep space
  • Maintains access to family room
  • Keeps range where it is so no need to move gas
  • Window at nook stays

The only “Con” with this plan is that there is no dedicated pantry, but we designed their cabinets to accommodate their needs with a pantry pull out, spice cabinets, deep drawer storage for pots and pans, and a corner susan for larger storage items.

We specified our cabinetry line for the cabinets in this remodel. We opted for an off-white for the perimeter and a cherry stained cabinet for the island. The countertops were where we had a lot of fun! We chose Bianco Superior quartzite for the island, where we wanted the drama. The perimeter countertops are leathered Black Vermont granite.

Finally, the backsplash was a super fun grey cracked glass lantern that added just the right amount of color and pattern.

Enough talking, here are pictures of the finished product! Let us know what you think!

2021 Kitchen Design

The Post-Pandemic Kitchen: Deconstructing the Kitchen of the future

This year was a doozy, right?! We stayed home, we cooked, we cleaned, we worried, we spent time with family, but most importantly, we learned the importance of a clean and safe home.

Our homes are our havens; they are our safe places from the outside world. However, we bring in outside contaminants into our safe homes all the time; it’s just inevitable!

Oftentimes, the kitchen is the messiest spot in the home because it’s where everyone tends to gather, so we have to work extra hard there to keep it clean!

Honeycomb Home Design

I don’t know about you, but a messy, cluttered kitchen is the last place I want to be! Pre-Pandemic, it would have been an excuse to go out to eat.

Messy kitchen = “Where should we eat?”

We all know what happens next..

We all became a mean, cleaning machine in the kitchen. We had no option but to cook at home and truly understand the importance of nourishing yourself within your own four walls!

By doing so, we learned the ways our kitchen helped us in this endeavour and ways it did NOT help us.

For example, our kitchen has quartz countertops (engineered). This is greeeeaaat because it is super easy to clean, no grout joints, and very durable.

BUT we have cabinetry that is super detailed with lots of little grooves and places for things to get stuck in. Not so easy to clean...but looks nice!

Whenever we’re ready to remodel, you know I will be switching out those doors for something smoother and easier to clean.

Honeycomb Home Design

Cleanliness and usability were heavy on my mind when I was asked by Seasonal Living Magazine to participate in the World’s First Ever Luxury Designer Virtual Showhouse!

We were asked to design the Kitchen and the Solarium.

Below are the floorplans we were given:

We were given floor plans, still images of the home we would be designing, and a design brief.

Read our blog post here where we talk about the showhouse in length!

So, our team got together and wanted to really reimagine the way kitchens could be designed in the future.

We started with a collective brainstorm:

  • What is working about kitchen design today?
  • What is not working?
  • How do we help “germ-proof” kitchens?
  • What types of food are people cooking now?
  • How do we incorporate wellness in our kitchen design?
  • What is a solarium and how can this help us?

With that info to mull over, we started our Kitchen Design and layout.

With the amazing world of technology, there is so much we can do remotely, which is what this virtual showhouse is all about!

The kitchen and the solarium featured a beautiful koi pond running through it with an acrylic top. This of course was a huge focal point and we wanted to honor it while still designing a super functional kitchen.

We broke out the kitchen into three different zones: Chef’s wall, hydroponic storage wall, and a gardening island.

Let’s start with the Chef’s Wall:

We had such an amazing sponsor, Signature Kitchen Suite, and their line of appliances truly fit this client and this project, to a tee.

The Chef’s wall is the workhorse of the kitchen. It’s where the action happens.

When laying out the space, we thought this layout would provide enough space for at least 2-3 people cooking in the kitchen at the same time.

We started with Signature Kitchen Suite 48” Pro Range which features a gas cooktop, sous vide bay and induction cooktop... All in one! Talk about a dream appliance!

Here’s a peek at our planning process of the Chef’s wall. We centered the range, and then worked outwards.

We knew we wanted to incorporate Signature Kitchen Suite’s Combi Wall oven because it combines a steam function with the power of a speed oven! Perfect for a busy family.

Then, we added the wine tower to the right, because it would be closer to the dining room and also so beautiful to look at!

Here’s the final product!

Across the Chef’s wall, we have the sous chef island! This is a space where you can prep your food and also features an additional cooking area. We introduced Signature Kitchen Suite’s Induction cooktop, because it is super sleek in design and can be installed FLUSH with your countertop!

COOL right?!

Here’s another shot!

Across from the sous chef island is the prep island and the hydroponic storage wall.

It’s the wall that’s causing people to do a double take!

OK, well what the heck is it??

Let’s back up to the design process.

Remember our brainstorm session? We wanted to reimagine the way people could grow food IN their homes.

Not only that, we wanted it to look beautiful and something you would want to showcase; a focal point.

AND then we also wanted to provide some storage for this kitchen, but again, in a pretty way.

So, we thought: let’s see if a sliding hydroponic wall panel would actually work.

We did a little research on hydroponics (hydroponics: is a type of horticulture and a subset of hydroculture, which is a method of growing plants, usually crops, without soil, by using mineral nutrient solutions in an aqueous solvent) and learned that something like this could actually be feasible.

Although we’ve never seen this done before, it doesn’t mean it can’t happen!

Here’s a peek at one of our working renderings when developing the concept:

Sustainability within the home is going to be a major topic of 2021, if it isn’t already.

Being able to grow your own food and control where it comes from is such a powerful thing.

We started our gardening kick by watching Ron Finley’s Masterclass on Gardening! It was so empowering to see what he’s been creating for those who don’t have the tools to create their own food. So, we were inspired and started gardening ourselves.

The hydroponic sliding wall is such a fun and exciting concept… we’re excited to see how it develops in real life!

Lastly, we have the gardening island/bench! This island faces the solarium, which is basically a greenhouse! We wanted to make the island very functional with plenty of storage space but also increased the height of the island to 38” H so it was easier to stand at and work for periods of time. It’s a place where you can propagate your herbs, clean herbs, and prep them.

Across from the gardening bench, we have the solarium. Our directive for this space was a modern day “Garden of Eden.” We created designed planters made of Dekton material and space planned the layout. We thought it would be so cool to have pods that could be rotated up and down that would also grow food.

So now you’ve seen our Kitchen and Solarium, but let’s talk specifically about materials.

We wanted to create a space that was easy to clean and beautiful.

So, we started with Cosentino’s Dekton collection.

The Laurent slab was the first thing we selected because it was earthy, yet glamorous.

We chose to not only use this for countertops, but also for slab cabinet surfaces. Their innovation in material created a solid surface slab that is 0.4 CM, so we figured, why not?! This would be the ultimate choice for cabinetry surface because it’s SUPER easy to clean, no lines or grooves (remember earlier when I said that was our pain point??)

Solid surfaces on a cabinetry would eliminate areas for germs and bacteria to gather and something as durable as Dekton, would be an ideal material to use in a Kitchen of the future!

In addition to cabinetry, we used this material throughout our kitchen. It covers the countertops and the cabinetry of the islands along with creating custom planters for the Solarium.

If you are remodeling or building new, Dekton would be such a great material to use. We talk specifically about Dekton in our blog post here.

In addition to Dekton, we used Sherwin Williams paint for our cabinetry. The color we chose was “Black of Night” because it was the perfect compliment to the Dekton.

Sherwin Williams has so many different amazing paint offerings and we specified the Harmony Zero VOC Interior Acrylic Latex paint.

It’s really amazing because it contains antimicrobial agents which inhibit the growth of mold or bacteria on the surface. PERFECT for a post-pandemic Kitchen! Here’s a chart explaining more:

So much eye candy!

In addition to these finishes, we accented everything with little bits of brass.

From Robin Baron’s Linear Cabinetry Hardware to Minka Group’s George Kovacs beautiful Honey drip Pendant, we had a lot of fun adding luxe elements to the space.

Robin Baron Design: Linear

George Kovacs Honey drip pendant

We also accented cabinetry with Fabricut’s vinyl metallic wallcovering for some extra bling. We used this as an inset for the cabinetry panels of the gardening island/bench.

By using these finishes, we were able to create a safer, healthier space that nourishes you from inside out. We also intentionally chose colors that were darker to help “ground” you and calm your senses.

Let us know what you think about our Post-Pandemic Kitchen design!

To tour the entire home free of charge, visit Seasonal Living’s Website here.

Forbes Feature: COVID Inspires Wellness Designed Virtual Showhouse

Well - I can check this off my bucket list!

Being featured in Forbes is such an unimaginable feeling!

Accomplished writer, Jaime Gold, has published an article featuring our participation in the Seasonal Living Virtual Luxury Designer Showhouse and we couldn't be more excited!

To read the entire article, click here.

The article talks about the importance of a home with wellness at the forefront of design.

Jaime Gold is the author of the amazing book, Wellness by Design, so it made perfect sense for her to be the author of this article.

Introducing elements of wellness into our kitchen design was very important to us. We wanted to create a space that was beautiful, functional and safe for you.

Check out the article and let us know what you think!

Cosentino x Showhouse

Cosentino + Seasonal Living Magazine Showhouse Luxury Virtual Designer Showhouse

One of the biggest kitchen trends we are predicting for next year is the use of slab materials on cabinetry!

Cosentino makes this possible with their super thin 0.4cm Dekton material. For those that are not familiar with Dekton, here’s a quick graphic that covers all of it’s highlights!

We started searching online through their colorways and stumbled across this beauty:

Image via Cosentino.

It’s absolutely stunning and our jaws dropped when we saw the Laurent colorway. Inspired by the natural stone, Port Laurent, Cosentino’s Laurent has a striking beauty that commands the room!

Pictured above is an image of actual Port Laurent marble. Cosentino nailed it with their take on this material… don’t you think?!

The Laurent was actually the first material we had selected in our kitchen because we loved it so much.

Since it comes 0.4cm thick, we lined the entire chef’s wall in this material: on the cabinetry faces, countertop, and backsplash for a seamless look.

Here, you can see that we mixed the Laurent with painted slab cabinetry as well. We used participating sponsor, Sherwin Williams, Black Magic to act as a subtle backdrop and let Laurent really shine.

Honeycomb Home Design

Not only did this create a seamless look, it creates surfaces that are easy to clean. This was key in our design process, as now more than ever, people are paying attention to surfaces that can easily be sanitized and wiped down.

For the islands, we wanted to do a different color, but again, we didn’t want to take away from the perimeter accent. We decided on two colors because we thought the mixture was an intriguing juxtaposition.

Honeycomb Home Design

We wanted another natural stone look, but nothing to compete with the dramatic veining of Laurent and found the perfect fit with Bromo!

Image via Cosentino

Bromo is modeled after slate and has such a beautiful undertone. It’s not too harsh, like concrete, and does not compete with the delicate beauty of Laurent.

We wanted to add in some warmth with another material and fell in love with Odin!

Odin has the look of a walnut butcher block without any of the maintenance or wear and tear and is super easy to clean! The combination of the two materials, Bromo and Odin, makes for an exceptionally interesting island!

Honeycomb Home Design

You can also see from this image that we created planter boxes in the Solarium. We used Fossil because it looks like natural stone with little fossils in it!

Image by Cosentino.

If you’re looking for a durable and beautiful product, Dekton by Cosentino is such a great choice! We would use their products in our own personal kitchen any day.

If you’re interested in seeing the entire kitchen in 3D, click the link below to take a full tour of the space!

Signature Kitchen Suite + Seasonal Living Magazine Luxury Virtual Showhouse

When Leslie Carothers, of Savour Partnership, asked me to design the Kitchen and the Solarium for the World’s First Ever Luxury Virtual Designer Showhouse, I could not say YES fast enough!

Being a Kitchen and Bath Designer, I loved the opportunity to do something like this. The Kitchen is really the hub of the home and is a place that people tend to gather, no matter how nice your living room is!

Gary Pettitt, the Publisher of Seasonal Living Magazine, created this amazing 20,000 square foot home situated on 20 acres in the Malibu canyons. Despite the home being entirely virtual and there being no budget, we were given a client brief and information on the type of people living in this home.

The clients that live in this home are two professionals, raised on different continents, highly educated and avid travelers. Shy and Garett Morris and their five children plan to move into this home. Shy was born in Shanghai and has spent most of her life raised in China, India, Paris, and New York. She comes from a family of herbal medicinal healers and she herself is a doctor, but no longer practices. She is the founder of a scientific research company, Entom-Cura, focused on creating new foods and medicines from Entomophagy.

Garrett Morris grew up in Massachusetts but spent most of his life in the U.K. He is a trained pharmacist and one of his key passions is sustainable indoor farming.

Between Shy’s background in natural medicine and Garrett’s indoor farming knowledge, we knew we had to create a space that would easily support both of these needs along with catering to a large family, as they have five children.

After reading the client brief, we were notified of our participating sponsors. I was overjoyed when I found out that Signature Kitchen Suite had signed on to be a participating sponsor!

I had the pleasure of visiting Signature Kitchen Suite’s State of the Art Showroom in Napa, CA last year with the Modenus DesignHounds. It was such an incredible experience. Not only did I meet so many amazing people (not to mention many of the Designers that are featured in this Showhouse!) but I also saw the truly innovative products that Signature Kitchen Suite has created.

How gorgeous is this?? This was only one of the many vignette kitchens they had! Every kitchen was unique in styling and of course featured the beautiful appliances from Signature Kitchen Suite.

Signature Kitchen Suite is a newer brand in the luxury appliance market. It’s not easy to break into the luxury appliance market, but they have truly shown that they have earned a seat at the table.

Not only have they created beautiful products, they have committed to creating appliances that incorporate the world’s leading technology to allow the end user the flexibility to create food in the best way possible.

After attending the trip with Modenus, I was blown away by the amount of research, dedication, thoughtfulness and technology that Signature Kitchen Suite has placed into their product offering.

Their showroom experience was not only about the products, it was about creating an experience that truly encompassed their brand. They shared with us their brand story that illustrates their passion for being True to Food™.

That thinking really stuck with me. It wasn’t just about wine-ing and dining. It was about the total experience:

They are targeting a generation that values quality over quantity, that likes the latest in technology, and that enjoys cooking. They call their target market a Technicurean™.

After reading the client brief, it felt so natural that Signature Kitchen Suite would be the appliance sponsor because I would consider Shy and Garrett Morris their target audience!

Once we were given the dimensions of our space, client brief, and sponsor information, we got to work.

When designing a kitchen, I always start with programming. How does the family cook, what appliances do they love, what foods do they normally make, etc.

After reviewing the client brief, I knew I needed to incorporate different types of appliances to accommodate the family’s needs.

I would not be kidding if I said that selecting the appliances was the easiest part of this whole kitchen design… Signature Kitchen Suite makes it too easy!

I knew right away that I HAD to include Signature Kitchen Suite’s award winning Dual Fuel Pro Range - 48” gas cooktop, induction cooktop, and sous vide bay! Have you ever seen one of these? Well, probably not because Signature Kitchen Suite is the first appliance brand to ever launch one!

This amazing appliance won best of KBIS 2019 and I got to see it in action in Napa. I would sport one of these in a heartbeat!

It is so beautiful and you can just tell they really put attention to detail in their products. They also have the capability of being Wi-Fi enabled, where you can have on demand customer support! What I also loved is that they have a 3 day policy of getting your appliance serviced. How cool is that?!

I could see the clients, Shy and Garrett Morris, utilizing this appliance almost every day.

Next on the list is their 36” Flex Induction Cooktop.

I know what you’re thinking: Another cooktop?! Well, yes.

We incorporated this cooktop into a separate cooking island so that multiple chefs can be using the kitchen without interfering in each other’s space.

The induction cooktop is undoubtedly sleek in design, but also packs a punch, with four inductors producing over 3,700 watts of power. The 11” dual center element cranks up the power to 7,000, making it the most powerful induction center element in history!

It fits seamlessly into our countertops since it can be mounted unless you look closely, you may not even notice it!

Next on the list is the 30” Combi Wall Oven.

This powerhorse of an appliance is really amazing because it combines the power of steam convection technology with the convenience of a speed oven!

Imagine being able to cook foods 20% faster with this technology. It also is engineered to offer the benefits of sous-vide cooking with the large capacity of an oven.

Since Shy and Garrett are busy professionals, this appliance is going to save them a lot of time and energy when preparing meals.

Incorporating a sleek microwave oven drawer was also important to us and we put this appliance on the other side of the kitchen, nearest the fridge.

Signature Kitchen Suite’s microwave oven drawer is not only sexy, it is a super functional appliance that can be tucked out of sight!

We also incorporated the PowerSteam Panel Ready dishwasher for a perfectly seamless utility appliance. They really take such effort to create appliances that not only are stylish, but function the way we need them to!


Moving into refrigeration, we incorporated the Signature Kitchen Suite 30-inch integrated column refrigerator! This fridge is panel ready, which means it can blend seamlessly into your cabinetry without standing out.

We paired the integrated refrigerator with an integrated freezer! We chose the 24” model but they also have an 18” version. This column has the largest capacity in the industry with 13.9 cu! And look how cute the ice is!!

Now, what kitchen is complete without a wine fridge?? We had to incorporate the Signature Kitchen Suite wine column because it not only is beautiful, it stores 71 bottles, features UV dark glass protection, an inverter linear compressor to ward against vibration, dual evaporates to maintain moderate, steady humidity, and two independent temperature zones.

I really can’t wait to show you this kitchen. Tricked out with not only the best appliances, but beautiful textures and features, it truly is going to be a feast for the eyes!

RSVP For the LIVE, complimentary event here! You won’t want to miss this groundbreaking event on December 3rd, 2020 at 3PM PST.

Introducing the World’s First Ever Virtual Luxury Designer Showhouse

Have you ever wanted to walk through a Designer Showhouse? Well, now you are in luck!

Introducing the World’s First Ever Luxury Virtual Designer Showhouse!

What is a Virtual Luxury Designer Showhouse? Well, let me tell you, it is even more exciting than it sounds!

Traditionally, showhouses are throughout the U.S. and are homes that feature different designers designing parts of the home as a display of their portfolio. It’s a really fun event because they open it to the public and allow them to walk around and really marvel at their work!

Well, we’re about to change the way that you’re used to seeing showhouses...

2020 has been the year of changing and adapting. No one has done that better than Seasonal Living Magazine, because they have created the World’s First Ever Virtual Luxury Designer Showhouse! This showhouse features rooms designed by 11 nationally recognized designers featuring 15 inaugural brand sponsors! This is truly a unique experience as it is the first time you can walk through a space using Augmented Reality, shop the space using live links so you can purchase directly from the Showhouse!

The showhouse is the brainchild of Gary Pettitt, the publisher of Seasonal Living Magazine. He wanted a way to flip the script on the traditional showhouse idea and wanted a way to embrace technology as we navigate this new normal of a world we’re in!

Gary teamed up with Leslie Carothers, CEO of Savour Partnership and The Kaleidoscope Partnership, and Jenna Gaidusek, CEO of eDesign Tribe, whose rendering team of Annilee Waterman and Sarah Durnez brought this vision to life.

Gary designed a stunningly modern 20,000 square foot home nestled among 20 acres in the hills of Malibu, CA. Although this home lives entirely in the virtual world, it is certainly not without real world detail.

Along with the design of the home, Gary brought life to the clients that would live in this home; who they are, how they live, etc. so it would provide context to the Designers as we got to work.

The major focus of this home is sustainability and wellness. It’s a very timely theme, as we are all looking for ways to inject sustainability into our everyday lives. Wellness has been a “hot” word for a while, and it is finally getting its spotlight!

I was so excited when Leslie asked if I would design the Kitchen and the Solarium. Without a question, I said YES! We have really embraced the Virtual Reality world as you know, so this was another way to showcase that technology. When she told me who else was doing the show house, my inner fangirl was freaking out! I really respect and admire all of these Designers, and am so grateful to be a part of this with them! Many of them I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in person!

Here are the other 10 designers and the rooms they are designing:


Kitchen + Solarium - Ariana Afshar Lovato - Honeycomb Home Design

Living Room - Carla Aston - Find out more about Carla here >

Zoom Room - Robin Baron – Find out more about Robin here >

Family Room / School Room - Arianne Bellizaire - Find out more about Arianne here >

Principle master Suite 2nd floor - Jeanne Kho Chung – Find out more about Jeanne here >

Home Office / Guest bedroom - Gloribel Le Bron – Find out more about Gloribel here >

Laundry Room / Decontamination Room - Rachel Moriarty – Find out more about Rachel here >

Outdoor spaces - Laura Muller – Find out more about Laura here >

Dining Room - Veronica Solomon – Find out more about Veronica here >

Sanctuary Room - Erica Ward – Find out more about Erica here >

Ocean View Lounge - Michelle Jennings-Wiebe – Find out more about Michelle here>

The showhouse would not be complete without Sponsors! These 15 amazing sponsors saw the vision that Gary and Leslie have created. It truly takes an innovative person to understand the capabilities of this Virtual Reality experience!

Here are the amazing sponsors!


A global, family-owned company that produces and distributes high value innovative surfaces for architecture and design. You’ll see Dekton by Cosentino products in our kitchen and solarium!


A devoted to creating a one-stop-shop for the interior design trade through our brands - Fabricut, Trend, Stroheim, S. Harris, Vervain, and Clarence House.

The Howard Elliott Collection

One of the premiere manufacturers of Decorative Mirrors & Accessories in the Home Furnishing industry.


Beginning in 1997 with a vision to produce a unique collection of home accessories and accent pieces that had never been seen before, they have continued to pursue that vision for 25 years.


A socially conscious luxury brand, Jaipur Living produces the most beautiful rugs and textiles in the most ethical of ways. Our mission is to create beautiful lives for our employees and customers.


The Minka Group® has grown to become a leader in the decorative lighting and ceiling fan industry. As a company, we pride ourselves on the quality and workmanship of each and every fixture we produce.


A multi-award-winning upholstery specialist known for its leadership in lean manufacturing principles used to produce sustainable and custom bench-made furnishings in Los Angeles, CA


Their designs are inspired from architecture, fashion and nature, aesthetically relating to both traditional and contemporary interiors.


An expertly curated floor sourcing platform founded by lifelong industry veterans. Its proprietary algorithm ensures only the right product is chosen for each space.


Robin Baron is a fashion-forward home furnishings brand all about providing the best products, designs, tips and services.


Focused to design-oriented clientele sourcing fresh, innovative and unique in-outdoor furnishings with a special emphasis on exceptional hand-craftsmanship in a wide variety of material palettes.


Supporting designers with color & coatings expertise. With our expert personalized service, breadth of products, & exclusive resources, we help guide your project each step of the way.


True to Food! Building a luxury kitchen appliance brand from the ground up puts us in a rare and enviable position. We deliver performance, design & precision, to show respect for food at every level.


Stressless has a long history in challenging the conventional way of making furniture. The result is a perfect combination of functionality and Scandinavian design with unsurpassed scientific comfort.


Explore Home. Universal Furniture creates quality furnishings for the whole home with a focus on function and lifestyle.

So how can you witness a bit of history?

You can register for FREE using this link below for the Live Event that will be broadcasted by the amazingly talented LuAnn Nigara, host of the famed podcast, A Well Designed Business.

To up the ante even more, Seasonal Living Magazine has created a signature cocktail to enjoy the night of the premiere, called #MarbleOverSilk!

You won’t want to miss this LIVE event. So bring your cocktail attire, your #MarbleOverSilk drink and join me and thousands of others on December 3rd, 2020!

How COVID-19 Is Shaping The Future Of Design

With social distancing orders in place and COVID-19 shining a spotlight on our health and safety measures there is an important conversation to be had in the design world. People are realizing just how much impact our homes have on how we feel and conduct our lives and how important it is to establish a work-life balance when working from home. We are seeing a shift toward mental and physical health influencing design, simplifying, and spaces accommodating working from home in a way that promotes health and productivity! Here are just a few ways COVID-19 is shaping the future of design.

Home Offices

Gone are the days of the home office being simply an afterthought. With more and more businesses offering virtual services and employees working from home, we’ve noticed that now more than ever is the time to have an established work area within the home. This can look like getting your current home office organized for everyday use or as simple as setting up a desk in the corner of the room! The key is to have a sense of separation between work and home life which can help with productivity and maintaining a healthy balance when working from home.

Home Office - Designed by Honeycomb Home Design Photographer Marcel Alain Photography


Dedicated Spaces

Along with offices within the home, we will be seeing more areas dedicated to a sole purpose. For example, having your office be its own private room ensures you won’t be disturbed while working from home. Similarly, having a kids’ room and a dedicated area for students in the household to study and work on assignments will also be given more of a priority. Having an area solely for work or schoolwork ensures higher productivity rates because you’ll be training your brain and body to know when it’s time to get to work! Usually this training happens when one gets dressed for work, commutes to work, and finally sits down in the desk they only ever work in. The key takeaway here is to establish a routine that gets your mind ready to be productive and to only ever work in one space. So, as tempting as it sounds to work in bed in your PJ’s, we suggest you leave the bed for sleeping and the dining table for enjoying home-cooked meals with family!

Office with sliding doors - Designed by Honeycomb Home Design Photographer Marcel Alain Photography


Functionality and Comfort

People are becoming more aware of just how much interior design matters! How our space flows, how we feel in it, and how it functions is so important for our mental and physical health! Customizing one’s home to enjoy a beautifully personalized space focused on comfort and a strong sense of functionality is beginning to be more of the norm. Also, designing your space with colors, textures, and finishes that evoke a sense of calm and serenity is starting to become more crucial as people have a stronger sense of awareness of how they feel inside their homes.

Master Bedroom Sitting Area - Designed by Honeycomb Home Design Photographer Marcel Alain Photography


Sanitization Areas

These days feeling a sense of peace in one’s home comes with a new ritual of health and safety measures! We will begin to see more areas at the entrance of the home for taking off shoes and hanging up outerwear to keep bacteria and harmful pathogens separate from the home. Mudrooms will be more important in serving as a decontamination area where families can drop their coats and bags, sanitize shoes, and wash up before entering the rest of the house. With sinks and easy to clean floors in the mudroom / decontamination area families can ensure everyone is staying healthy!


Mudroom Storage – Designed by Honeycomb Home Design Photographer Marcel Alain Photography


Antibacterial Surfaces

With cleanliness and sanitation on the rise, we will be seeing a wider use of certified antibacterial finishes and simpler, less ornate surfaces! With companies like Finsa creating gorgeous finishes that are antibacterial we will be seeing more of these types of finishes in kitchens, bathrooms, closets, and wherever you want to be a little more intentional about the hygienic benefits of antibacterial surfaces. With sanitation being so important for a healthy home, design will be simplified to exclude elaborate and embellished elements. Easy to clean surfaces will dictate the design of the home and along with simpler designs comes a sense of calm.

Designed by Honeycomb Home Design Photographer Marcel Alain Photography


Quartz Countertops - Designed by Honeycomb Home Design Photographer Marcel Alain Photography


Intentional Sourcing

Another way design is changing is by sourcing more intentionally! Now more than ever there are so many reasons to source finishes, furniture, and building materials from the United States. By sourcing more intentionally designers can help stimulate our own economy, ensure ethical and fair treatment for laborers, ensure the safety and integrity of pieces, and not having the design process stopped in its tracks if the borders get shut down! Designers will also start to be more intentional about sourcing from local businesses, when possible because we are all in this together!

Cabinetry Made in the USA from one of our vendors. Designed by Honeycomb Home Design //  Photographer Marcel Alain Photography