As kitchen and bath experts we know exactly why kitchens are the most popular room in the house! Whether you’re a gourmet chef, love entertaining family and friends, or just want to hang out the kitchen is the place to be. The kitchen is the heart of the home and definitely needs to be a space you love to spend time in. This is where you’ll host Thanksgiving dinners and hand down family recipes to the next generation, so we know it needs to be stunning, but also functional!

Whether your kitchen is ready for a simple refresh or you’re ready to dive in and do a whole makeover we want you to make sure you’re getting the most out of your kitchen! As kitchen and bath Designers we are here to give you resources to help guide you toward the kitchen of your dreams. We want to ensure you have as much information as you need to choose elements for your kitchen that feel the most like home to you! Here are some kitchen trends we are seeing in 2020 that are not likely going anywhere any time soon:

Double islands

Yes, we are serious! We want you to dream big when designing your space because on average a homeowner only remodels their kitchen once or twice in their lifetime. Not only does two islands create a beautiful space, but it makes entertaining sooo much easier! With one island for preparing the food you can have an entire one for serving and entertaining, so you’re not constantly moving dishes around with company over. If you add a sink to each then you’re one step closer to faster clean up. We love a kitchen that’s both functional and stunning like our Way project below!


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Navy Cabinets

White kitchens are still popular, but we are seeing navy cabinets start to pop up in our projects and we’re not mad about it. Blue brings a sense of playful drama to an all white kitchen and creates a beautiful sense of contrast against metallic hardware. We love how it looks paired with marble countertops, which brings us to our next trend…

Marble Everywhere

Marble counters are gorgeous and bright with a natural feel. We love it because it looks beautiful in almost every kitchen regardless of the finish of your cabinets or the color of your appliances! Have you ever thought of matching your counter to your backsplash…literally? Trust us, the look of a marble counter paired with a marble backsplash can be a simple and elegant way to add a striking feel to your kitchen!

“Wood” Floors

Wood floors are an easy way to add a natural sense of warmth to your kitchen. With the amount of  beautiful and realistic vinyl options available these days you don’t need to invest much money or upkeep to have floors that look like real hardwood!

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Looking for a fun way to add some color to your kitchen? Colorful appliances are making a comeback and we think it could be a unique way to show some style in the kitchen. Another easy way to bolden up your kitchen is with a colorful backsplash! If you’re not looking to do an extensive remodel then this could be a fun and simple way to liven up your cooking space and the possibilities are endless! We’re also seeing pops of color appear underneath breakfast bars for some added personality and we’re in love!

Warm finishes

Warm finishes really cozy up the home and can be modern when done right! Pair it with a neutral countertop and natural floors and you won’t be disappointed.

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Deep Drawers

A way to declutter your overhead space is to have more drawers down below. The deeper, the better because you’ll have space to store your casserole dishes and pots in a more organized way. Trends like this may not seem very glamorous, but whatever small changes you can make in your kitchen to make your life easier we think is totally worth it!

Open Shelving

Now, since you have all those drawers below you have room to incorporate open shelving into your kitchen. Open shelving is amazing for showing off your personality a little more in your kitchen and can also add a sense of warmth, texture, and contrast depending on the finish you choose! We think it adds a sense of coziness, don’t you?

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Statement Pendants

Make a statement with pendant lighting above your island! It’s a beautiful way to add a sense of elevated style to your kitchen.

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Big Sinks

Function will always be in fashion! With these farmhouse style sinks you can be sure you’ll have enough space to wash those bigger pots and pans that need handwashing. Having a big sink in the kitchen will contain splashes and look great doing it!

© Honeycomb Home Design

Undercounter Appliances

With disappearing cabinets, installing your appliances under the counter is a simple and convenient way to open up your walls. It’s also a great way to keep appliances accessible!

Dark Countertops

With natural materials making a comeback kitchen counters are no exception! We love the rich feel this dark walnut counter gives the space and the contrast it can bring to an otherwise white kitchen.

© Honeycomb Home Design

Our home was originally built in the 60s and had already been through a remodel in the 80s. It had good bones but they were hard to see under the later revisions. Ariana’s team went straight to the elements that needed to be preserved and highlighted them. The kitchen/dining room has been opened up amazingly and we’re very happy with it. In addition to the design efforts, we really value the 3-D renderings. It makes it much easier to talk with tradespeople about what we want to be done and how, and prevents miscommunications. Five stars for the Honeycomb team!


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